*Credits to photographer Gianluca Urdiroz Agati
3-days workshop at Fabrica Research Centre led by artist Carlos Cassas. / An installation that puts an emphasis on the only room in the Villa of Fabrica that was untouched by a fire that occurred some years ago. When entering, a sound of fire fills up the space. As an audience, we decide whether our curiosity pushes us to chase where it comes from (a chimney in the last room on the left), or if we’re driven towards some sort of light that appears in the first room on the right. If we pursue our way towards the sound, we cross some fire extinguishers surrounding a table that supports ashes positioned in the centre of the whole space. The ‘water room’ (only room saved from the fire) on the right contains some projections made on a big water recipient - that create a flame on the opposing wall. The projections also highlight in a circular way the room’s ceiling, one of its main distinctive assets. I wanted to play with the symbolism of opposite -but complementary- elements (fire/water) in order to create an atmosphere in the ground floor where fire, represented by ashes and sounds coming from the chimney, relates to water in the shape of a water candle. The space comes today as a fluid whole as the space once destroyed has been re-built.

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